There are over 1.5 million people that live within Kent. Like all other places in the country of England, the county of Kent has deep historical roots. Canterbury Cathedral would be one of the places of interest that would teach you about the history of this area dating back to the 6th century. That is well before the Age of Discovery and the current time, in which travelers from all over the world enjoy these popular places of interest in Kent, England.

Don’t pass up the Big Cat Sanctuary. This favorite destination in the county is located within Smarden on Marley Farm Headcorn Road. There are 16 species of cats to lay eyes on there and a total of 50 cats in all. The Big Cat Sanctuary features the UK’s most diverse collection, so you’re really getting the entire experience when you visit. The Amur Leopard is one of the most popular animals there. Not only do you get to enjoy seeing all the cats, but you get to hand feed them, too.

Pair a visit to The Big Cat Sanctuary with Kent Owl Academy. Make your way to Lock Lane as you go Hogwarts style on your Kent holiday. Specifically located in Sanding, Kent Owl Academy is more than just an attraction to visit. You can check out the special events held there, such as photography workshops and other experience days that are hosted at the venue. It’s going to be fun mingling with the owls, and there are other exotic animals there, too.

Fan Bay Deep Shelter is another great attraction to visit in Kent. Located along Upper Road Langdon Cliffs, Fan Bay Deep Shelter is a series of tunnels that were constructed during WWII. These tunnels are within these cliffs, and they are a sight to see for sure. Reviews point to the fact that you get a guided tour of the tunnels that make up the Fan Bay Deep Shelter.

How about a visit to The Micro Museum? This museum is all about electronics, specifically gaming systems and computers. You are able to play various console games while you’re there, too, and there is so much on display according to past visitors to The Micro Museum. This museum is in Ramsgate on Church Hill Road. This type of museum with interactive exhibits is a great place to bring the children to have some fun as a family.

The Hawking Centre, All Saints Church, Buttercups Sanctuary for Goats and Eagle Heights Wildlife Foundation are four more awesome attractions that will give you a better look at the county of Kent. The places of interest that have been mentioned are all spread out around the county, providing you access to many different areas and plenty of things to see and do. As you get more familiar with Kent, England, you and your family will have an adventurous holiday and make wonderful memories to take with you back home.